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Sharon Greytak Films


Archaeology of a Woman

Narrative, 35mm, 94 minutes, 2013

Narrative, 35mm, 94 minutes, 2013

One of “10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014” Sharon Greytak’s Archaeology of a Woman stars Oscar nominee/Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland as Margaret, a feisty, tormented woman who fights to protect her freedom in spite of the dementia she cannot control. Her daughter Kate (Tony winner Victoria Clark) installs a small surveillance camera to monitor Margaret at home revealing a private life of fear, lust and longing and her connection to a 30 year-old crime. This is a visceral tale of the unsettled lives of two very different generations of women—one whose secret is buried deep inside her memories, and the other who seeks to dig up the truth. 


Losing It

Documentary, DVC Pro, 90 minutes, 2001

This feature-length, cross-cultural documentary, filmed in Novosibirsk Russia, Sao Paolo Brazil, Vicenza Italy, Hong Kong and NYC, explores the lives of people who are living with physical disability, addressing quality of life issues and societal perceptions of disability on four continents.
Distribution: The Cinema Guild
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The Love Lesson

Narrative feature, 35mm, 89 minutes, 1996

The Love Lesson is the story of an unconventional adoption arrangement between two women and their HIV positive heterosexual son.

Hearing Voices

Narrative feature, 35mm, 89 minutes, 1989

Hearing Voices is the story of a model's private and public identities. 
"A jarring blend of the familiar with what remains taboo...Greytak shows how a movie can speak volumes simply by what is left unsaid."  Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Weirded Out And Blown Away

Documentary, 16mm, 43 minutes, 1986 

Featuring interviews with five young career people who have disabilities, this film questions the general public's attitudes toward physical disability and the perception of disabled persons as either weaker or more courageous than non-disabled people. The film also offers insight into the personal and social relationships of men and women with disabilities, perceptions of professional image versus physical image, the hierarchical ranking of physical disabilities with regard to social acceptance, the relationship between sexuality and disability, and dealing with particular difficulties encountered in job interviews. 
Distribution: The Cinema Guild

Early Experimental Films:


April 7, 1981

Some Pleasure on the Level of the Source

Czechoslovakian Woman

The Living Room


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